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Automotive | Digital Signage Boards in Automotive

Automotive Digital SignageBenefits of Digital Signage in Transport

  • Transmit emergency notifications to travelers
  • View current travel conditions and schedules
  • Centralised control and ad planning
  • Income source when incorporating advertising
  • View site news, local weather, sports scores and much more.
  • Get information on places to visit locally


Digital signage and interactive technologies provide important platforms for effective communication in transportation environments simply automotive digital signage. Electronic screens allow airports, railway stations, bus stations and other means of transport to communicate effectively with travelers.

Applications of Automotive Digital Signage 

  • Employee Communication: With a large organization, one of the challenges is communicating effectively with staff about the latest events. Large format screens help bring this content to life and spread it across all your back-office and break areas.
  • Schedules The most important thing you can communicate is the real-time updates on arrivals and departures to ensure that travelers can easily find doors and guests arriving in a timely manner.
  • Waiting areas Many travelers go through competitions every day. As they sit and wait for transportation, large-format displays can run through advertisements and advertising, as well as entertaining customers with quotes, weather forecasts, news and other live data.
  • Path Finding It can be difficult for visitors to find their way around large terminals. With digital touch bookmarks, visitors can get a personalized route to their destination quickly and easily. Users can also use local maps to get information and directions for hotels, restaurants and car rental facilities
  • Self Check: The Digital Signage in Automotive or transport area such as railway stations, bus-stops and airports may allow the traveler to check their travel/reservation status easily.
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