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Bank Digital Signage

Bank Digital Signage

Bank digital signage enables banks and financial institutions to perfect the in-store experience with a level of precision and visual appeal that has never been possible before. This is an evolution that is underway and will lead to the total reinvention of the banking industry.

Reasons why Bank Digital Signage is good for financial institutions.

  • Training: This is imperative for any financial institution.Most of them have geographically dispersed branches. AIMS understands that the bank is one of the most regulated industries and of many complex regulations, from top management to turnkey level, where turnover can reach 50% year.
  • Cross-selling: This is the heart of the financial institution’s success. There is important research that shows that the more products a person buys from a financial institution, the less likely they will go to another bank. This is a critical issue because the ability of a bank to effectively execute cross-selling often falls on the tellers. Yet deputy returning officers are usually employed with helping clients, inadequate and not adequately trained.
  • The Experience: The bank is a discommoded industry that has very few differentiation apart from the brand experience. This experience begins when the client goes through the door and, hopefully, advances with that person even after leaving the branch. Digital signage offers the opportunity to enhance the brand experience that customers receive whenever they enter the industry.
  • Informative: The modern customer is thirsty for the right information. Information that is easily accessible at the right time, at the right place.


From the modernisation of the ATM screen, to enhance the atmosphere of financial institutions, AIMS includes supporters and receptions of banking needs, security issues to the integration of all good content to display. We will work and guide you through each step.


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