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10 Jul 2018

Digital Signage Revolution

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Revolution in Digital Signage

Revolution in Digital Signage

The recent promising technology in the self-service kiosk is the Bio metric Identification, which will be a revolution in digital signage , and the speed of the sensors which identify the users is jaw dropping. According to a survey the bio metric system market is expected to be tripled by 2022, yes that’s why I said revolution in digital signage industry.


The largest share of the biometric application is contributed by the travell and immigration, and the use is also rising in the retail, healthcare and financial markets.


The Biometric Kiosk will basically be an image-sensing camera based module incorporating proprietary technology for recognizing human face expression, gender, age, gaze and blink into a camera module.


The unit gloats a max recognition speed 10 times that of a past model presented in March 2014. The new innovation makes it conceivable to identify a human body four times each second, monitoring a man inside its discovery territory. The organization takes note of that the picture detecting innovation was produced on information from in excess of one million appearances.


The recognition will be presented in the form of digital signals or in the form of digital information which include the age, angles, the number of detections as well as the text data including the facial expression and gender.


This biometric face recognition embedded technology comes with the various types of functions that can recognize the human conditions in different ways,


  1. Face detection
  2. Human body detection
  3. Hand detection
  4. Face direction estimation
  5. Gaze estimation
  6. Blink estimation
  7. Age estimation
  8. Gender estimation
  9. Expression estimation (this also includes the moods neutral, happiness, anger, surprise and sadness)
  10. Face recognition

This technology also comes with the class of scanning as close range and long distance scanning which allows the customer to choose from two different camera lenses. The specific application purpose will decide the type of the detection whether to use a long distance detection type or a wide angle detection type.


The device is powered with a smart sensor which will detect the attributes and the condition the of the user in its vicinity and without the user knowing the presence of the camera, it will provide the most suitable services in the view of the customers attributes.


The technology will have its hands in retail, automated retail, digital signage, POS, vending and ticketing. Advertising tailored to gender and age will be more beneficial to the marketing. And the customer need not to worry, as only the result data will be processed and sent to the PC not the image. And high speed process will be an addition to the list of benefits. This will be a low cost system which does not include a server for running image sensing.


The spreading bio metric technology will create a new opportunity for the self service interactive kiosk will revolutionize the digital signage.


Vinay Katew




7 Reasons why bank should invest in Digital Signage

7 Reasons why bank should invest in Digital Signge



The banking sector is not a limited thing now it is growing at lightning speed. And at the same point every banks out there are in a race to have more account number in their list. You need to serve beyond the best to make your customer to talk about you. And you need to create a good in store experience  for that. When you make everything available at a finger point you are said to be created a good customer experience.


This means that for higher customer loyalty, traditional bank branches should prioritize on improving customer experience. Like every other retail business, banks need to adopt the latest in digital to keep their customers happy when visiting their brick-and-mortar branches. With digital signage you can create these for your customers


Enhanced Experience


With a larger part of retail banking tasks being moved to online space, brick-and-mortar must be not the same as what it used to be 10 years ago. In the time of consumerism, everybody is stuck to some type of screen. Digital signage gives a chance to banks to make a recognizable ordeal for their screen-obsessed clients.


Interactive Kiosk to help themselves


Most of the customers walking in are either in urgent or they hate to stand in a queue. In a bank there will be a literate and an illiterate as well. The RULE is that they both have to be in a queue to get their work done, let it be a withdrawal or an enquiry. They have to stand in the queue. I personally find it very irritating. But, this can be completely made easy with an INTERACTIVE kiosk. An interactive kiosk will allow its user to explore everything which you want to serve to your customer. A customer can access the branches, the interest rates or even the IFSC of one of your branch.


Manage QUEUE


Token-number-based queue management frameworks enable clients to sit and unwind while sitting tight for their number. In any case, the same can without much of a stretch be actualized with Digital Signage. Further, Banks can keep clients connected by utilizing the unavoidable sitting tight time for giving helpful and significant data.


Promotions and Branding


To rise the awareness about their products and generating interest whenever  the customer walks in is very easy when you have a digital signage. With digital signage at you bank have the super power of cross-sell and up-sell. By integrating the CRM and marketing automation tool with the help of digital signage the communication can substantially be enhanced. You also can greet your customer with video or any written content on the digital boards.


Updates in a BLYNK


The biggest challenge for the banks is the vairing rates, it may be the change in the interest rates or may be change in the updated UI of their internet banking or may be an extra element in the documents required for opening an account. Printing of banners/posters include immense expenses. These expenses can be effectively limited with Digital Signage as one can without much of a stretch change the substance no matter how you look at it through a focal CMS. Further, admin can alter content for particular branch necessities (local dialect/celebration and so forth).




Banks can make a date-book for content and deliberately plan it many months ahead of time. This enables administrators to center around other basic parts of their activities.


Internal Communication


Digital Signage can offer comparative various advantages to banks in meeting their correspondence needs at non-retail branches. Banks can use Digital Signage for interior interchanges, announcing, strategy updates and preparing purposes.

03 Jul 2018

Digital Signage Trends For 2018

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Digital Signage Trends For 2018

Do you enjoy science fiction movies? I assume a strong yes from you. Yes, and I too enjoy hem a lot. You also would have imagined yourself standing in front of the big giant like video wall, which keeps pushing the information to the protagonist of the movie. Believe me, these digital signage are not only limited to the movie these days. They are into the mainstream elements in growing one’s business since some of the leading entrepreneurs consider this as the key element in promoting and growing their business. And, these digital signage will make a big difference in one’s business growth. But, Whatever the area you serve and whatever the strategy you make you need to be updated.


Growing Digital Signage Market.


The digital signage industry worldwide managed a figure of $19 billion in 2016, and is expected to reach $32.84 billion in 2023. Did you just noticed? Yeah you are absolutely correct the digital signage market will double its market. And this year will also be witnessed in the graph of year 2023.


Following are the factors which will contribute to this growth


  1. Increased acceptance of programmed Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertising.
  2. DOOH is rapidly taking the place of traditional OOH Advertising and the marketing strategist are willing to invest more on DOOH.
  3. Along with mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops DOOH is most effective medium of reaching the targets and the right place and right time.


Video Walls


A greater market implies a higher request, so we’ll certainly be seeing numerous more screens. Nonetheless, we’ll likewise observe a noteworthy increment in the quantity of video-walls. Video dividers offer an extensive variety of advantages, not slightest of which is the extra surface area sponsors need to work with and additionally the way that their potential for intuitiveness is higher than other advanced signage approaches.


More Interactive Content


In all mediums, interactivity generates engagement. So, the more interactive the content is, the more engaged consumers will be.

In terms of digital signage, interactivity is becoming a necessary element of a campaign for it to succeed. And interactivity isn’t just limited to touch, as now things like voice recognition and behavior based on the data the unit is recording are also on the table.  

Content will also become more personalized thanks to sensors and data feeds from computers and the internet allowing for adjustments based on real-world situations. For example, if the weather is sunny, ads for swimwear and outdoor activities will be shown, whereas if it’s snowing, ads for skis and the local ice rink might be displayed instead. Thus, content will no longer be shown on a set schedule, but when it makes the most sense to do so.


Longer Messages

The move towards narrating and building connections is occurring in every aspect of business. Also, to this end, crusades will concentrate more on long-frame, story-driven content to build connections, which will slice through the data over-burden made by the one-shot messages that are so well known right now.


Research demonstrates that customers are moving far from coordinate promoting, with Millennials currently hating it. Rather, they incline toward stories and accounts that incorporate an unpretentious deals message, and for crusades to see achievement later on, they should tune in to what the market needs.


More Secured


One of the greatest issues in the digital advertising industry currently has been security and trust. The store network is perplexing and hazy, from a promoter’s perspective, which is the reason it is basic for advertisement offices to be straightforward with their customers if digital signage is to keep on growing.


Moreover, security is significantly more important when one considers people in general nature of computerized signage systems. Everything necessary is one somewhat more productive programmer with a marginally skewed comical inclination or a craving to do hurt breaking into the system and showing unseemly substance to cause a great deal of inconvenience.


This is the reason it is basic that the whole system is controlled and very much anchored, from the equipment to the applications being utilized. It’s additionally essential that everybody included is likewise on board. It doesn’t make a difference how secure the framework is if somebody’s secret word into the framework is watchword.


The World will Become More Digital


Individuals invest a great deal of energy in the digital world, and this will just increment over the long haul. Indeed, the digital world will seep into this present reality to an ever increasing extent, a pattern that we will see a considerable measure of this current year.


Accordingly, shows won’t simply be utilized to publicize occasions, however will end up key parts of those occasions. Geofencing and guides will acquire footing and buyers will get prompts to introduce applications specifically regions that will enable them to cooperate with the computerized world around them.


What’s more, this will, obviously, affect computerized signage as screens turn out to be more predominant and not only to advertise purposes, but rather to empower brands to interface with their clients all the more viably.


Innovation Will Continue to Advance by Leaps and Bounds


Screens are developing in surface area yet getting to be slimmer than at any other time, with smaller bezels. In any case, that is not the extremely fascinating news. Innovation in the intelligent show field has made unimaginable advances. At the end of the day, it won’t be well before we have screens that are micrometers thick and can be moved up for simple transportation. These screens can be seen from the two sides, and will be great for commitment when set in store windows. Right now, the invigorate rates don’t enable these screens to play rich video, yet soon that happens.


Meanwhile, this year a 42-inch highly contrasting intelligent screen – additionally alluded to as e-paper – is relied upon to hit the market. What’s more, these screens are shabby to buy and use, and additionally being unbelievably versatile, which will empower an extensive variety of uses.


Different things we can hope to see incorporate higher resolutions for LCD screens, and significantly more hues with the change to BT.2020 from sRGB.


Computerized signage will just keep on growing as innovation progresses and our genuine and advanced universes work to an ever increasing extent. At last, however, shows are just a device, and everything ought to be finished with the client encounter up front.


A business that can identify with shoppers as people will discover more accomplishment than those that see their clients as simply strolling dollar signs.


Vinay Katwe

Founder Blynk Media

How Digital Signage Will help the retailers to retain their customers.

How Digital Signage Will help the Retailers to Retain their customers

The only reason to employee a digital signage in your retail store is to influence your customers to buy more products in one or the other way. The ultimate reason to use a digital signage or an interactive kiosk is to engage more and convert more. To make yourself to decide on to buy a digital signage at your store or not, below are the four most important reason explains how digital signage will help the retailers to retain their customers. So here we go..


Make your customers feel free and smooth.


Having a 300,000 square feet retail store with a department dedicated to almost everything may leave one’s jaw dropped. And, with such a huge flor and with uncountable departments, one may be lost in search of his needs or one may find it very difficult to find their stuff only with the help of the signage boards tagged. But, a wayfinding digital signage on the floor which will direct every visitor to their stuff, will definitely give a smooth store experience.


Creating Interactive Environment


Out of many online purchase travel is one of the most online purchases. An interactive signage at your tarvell store will give a unique height of  interactive engagement to the visitor to browse and decide the next travel package.


Beacon Technology


By creating the personalized experience on two different screens the beacon technology will improve the digital signage experience by increasing the overall audience engagement. With Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE), the user will be able to have the two way communication between the digital signage and the mobile device, gaining the super power to deliver the highly targeted promotional content based on the geography and demography.


Using the Social media to engage the customer.


A digital signage will create a splendid experience for a customer which will give him the product information, the weather forecast along with some social media feeds. Since the customer will only be interested in knowing about his own product will never bother about the other products on the digital signage. The feature which will display a product only when a customer interacts and will keep on informing and entertaining when the visitor is not at all interested can do the miracles for you.


Vinay Katwe


Blynk Media


14 Jun 2018

Digital Signage Features

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Digital Signage Features

Digital Signage

Investing into Digital Signage is profoundly helpful for any association, regardless of whether it is in the Retail, Healthcare services or Education industry. Before purchasing a specific show, you need to guarantee it has all the Digital Signage programming highlights you have to make utilizing it as straightforward as could be expected under the circumstances. In view of that, there are different Digital Signage Software and Digital Signage Features ensure you to get the most out of the bundle. And if you are going and investing into digital signage you need to be very sure that you will ask about these digital signage features before you buy it.

1.User Friendly Software

digital signage features

To the exclusion of everything else, Digital Signage Display ought to be anything but difficult to set up and utilize. One incredible thing about this element is that it makes it with the goal that various individuals at your association can easily figure out how to refresh the presentations. In the event that just a single individual is fit for figuring out how to utilize it, at that point it may not get refreshed for some time if that individual must be away for a couple of days. You need a proactive part in advancing workers’ interchanges. It ought to be easy to prepare a few people to make, alter and distribute content you need your specialists to see.

2. Remotely Schedule the content

cloud based digital signage feature

It will be useful and very easy indeed if the user can update the content from anywhere from the globe. When you have your organization bodies situated in multiple locations, and you want to display the content you want on all the screen in just one hit. This Digital Signage Feature ensures the ease of use to the vast organizations who are not supposed to worry about the time consumption in updating the content in every individual signage. While choosing a Digital Signage package make sure that it has this Digital Signage Feature available in it, so people can update content from anywhere, anytime and from any device.  

3. Multiple User Access

multiple user digital signage feature

To make your business enterprise’s Digital Signage less difficult to update and use, it’s miles best to assign Multiple users to update it. One user is responsible for posting relevant corporate statistics, inclusive of how earnings are doing and who is the “employee of the Month” while other person is accountable for posting motivational quotes and funny videos. It can be very heavy to provide one individual to handle these kind of responsibilities, so it is ideal to unfold them out. However, you want to be certain a couple of people can get access to the software program on the same time from their respective places. Multi-person get right of entry to also is available in accessible whilst some thing at the show desires to be modified all of sudden. as an example, if a eating place uses those boards to display a menu, then an object may additionally want to be taken off if it’s miles now not being served. If everybody can update the display, then it makes a loads less difficult if a couple of worker is able to log onto the display’s software program instead of only one.

4. Multiple content type.

multiple content digital signage feature

The sole purpose of investing on a Digital Signage is to go beyond your traditional static advertisement or go ahead of you usual notice circulation within your organization/firm/institution. If you are investing in digital signage make sure you have got this digital signage feature to display multiple content type like images, videos, GIF and other media files. With a illustrative video you can convey more than what you could have conveyed with an illustrative image, and with a video blog or a video recording you can express more to your employees on company’s success than you could have expressed it in a formal notice. That’s why I would suggest that while you choose a digital signage you must ensure your digital signage have multiple content digital signage feature.

5. Application Interface.

weather forecast digital signage feature

With video recordings and pictures in your Digital Signage Display, you may likely have a Digital Signage Feature with which you will be able to incorporate particular applications into the show revolution. For instance, it can be advantageous to incorporate a climate application into the display with the goal that workers intermittently observe what the climate figure resembles. Different applications to bring in with the general mish-mash incorporate a period application that shows the time or different social stages in the event that you need workers to realize what is new with the organization’s Facebook or Twitter accounts.

6. Regular Software Updates.

software update digital signage feature

Before investing into digital signage, it is a smart thought to investigate whether the digital signage get Software Updates routinely. You don’t need the digital signage to look outdated in the wake of making your underlying speculation. A few updates may even assist you with detailing usefulness to tell you how well certain bits of substance are performing at specific circumstances. There are a lot of Digital Signage Software and usefulness highlights to investigate before making such a major venture. Your organization should have the best. With all the most recent and most prominent highlights, your workers and clients will profit more out of the presentations.

Among all of the above it is hard decide which is one of the most Important Digital Signage Features.


Vinay Katwe




3 Different Ways Airplane Terminals Fly High With Digital Signage

With emerging digital technologies, the airports are always on their way ahead to shape a new and user friendly environment at the airports. Whatever the airports are adding new kind of services in their list the first and primary focus will on the customers, the customer centric facilities include efficient messaging, real time information, personalised services and self-service. As the digital revolution has already taken off and flying high, the airports have also been very keen in knowing what next with the digital signage.


Airports works on plan, plan will be right form a car parking to the taking off of a flight. Each step taken is a planned and well managed step. Being proactive in lessening pressure, keeping individuals educated, engaged and drew in can bring about a general positive ordeal, energize client devotion and help with facilitating stresses frequently connected with voyaging.


Entertain Them

3 Different Ways Airplane Terminals Fly High With Digital Signage

Between lining for registration, things, traditions and gate boarding, most time spent at the airplane terminal is spent pausing. Digital signage is known to help decrease apparent hold up time by up to 35 percent so actualizing screens all through holding up territories is vital. Gushing news, game, recordings and climate refreshes all through an airplane terminal can engage travelers while sitting tight for their flight or help with diverting them on account of postponements.


Additionally expanding on the gushing of substance – airplane terminals are starting to investigate the usage of screens as computerized fine arts, making conditions that assistance get away from the air terminal limits. Most as of late, Changi has incorporated LED shows, one estimating 70 by 5-meters with 60-millimeter pixel pitch and the other 10 by 6-meters and 4-millimeter pixel pitch. The great showcases are coordinated into the concentrated security screening territory and the flight travel zone for most extreme presentation and to help incorporate excitement through holding up times. The craftsmanship has been painstakingly created to incorporate pleasant scenes, movement and streaming geometric shapes on a day in and day out cycle.


Serve the Information

3 Different Ways Airplane Terminals Fly High With Digital Signage

Exploring through an airplane terminal can be confounding, disappointing and unpleasant. Digital signage can give unambiguous, simple to-discover direction to guests who might scramble to make a flight or endeavoring to find some espresso. In addition to the fact that this is useful in helping travelers to achieve their goal in an auspicious way, but on the other hand is significant for air terminal staff and general tasks. Wayfinding signage remains a need in overseeing stream and efficiencies all through the airplane terminal, with advanced giving more prominent extension to raise these interchanges through various stages.


Giving an intuitive stand a point by point guide and well ordered bearings will permit your guests get to their goal all the more productively while empowering representatives to carry out their occupations all the more adequately. An intriguing case of airplane terminals grasping computerized is Brisbane Airport Corporation’s ongoing intuitive stand establishment — the Taxi Fare Calculator. The stand gives a simple stage to guests to discover to what extent and the amount it will cost to get to their goal.


Security is additionally an essential need for air terminal specialists. Digital Signage can go about as a crisis ready framework, bringing issues to light of earnest circumstances all through the airplane terminal. Through a midway controlled framework, basic messages can be pushed out promptly to every computerized screen enhancing the capacity to react to any circumstance and convey to clients as needs be.


Keep Them Busy

3 Different Ways Airplane Terminals Fly High With Digital Signage


Air terminals can keep content feeds crisp with mark possessed and client produced content. Commitment can be accomplished through photograph sharing, hashtags, mark actuations and investigating potential outcomes with VR. There’s no preventing the power from securing web-based social networking, with more than 3 billion dynamic clients crosswise over different stages around the world. Utilizing off the great flight selfie, airplane terminals can make a physical Instagram minute spot, which won’t just give free showcasing, yet increment client commitment. On the off chance that done well, utilizing web based life can help with making trust, connecting with guests and producing activity to airplane terminal or promoter’s interpersonal organizations.


Expanding visual correspondences inside an air terminal can just positively affect tasks and traveler moves through the terminal. Advanced interchanges at air terminals that improve the level of perceivability of the airplane terminal as far as the administrations accessible must be a noteworthy wellspring of upper hand. In light of this, air terminals ought to consider conveying an assortment of Digital Signage all through terminals to oversee traveler desires and upgrade the guests encounter.


The airplane terminal condition additionally offers a promoting opportunity like no other. With high traveler activity, high stay time and elevated feeling, 42 percent of travelers will probably influence a drive to buy. Increment income of the airplane terminals tax-exempt shops, eateries and bars by showing pre-flight and door side limited time offers.


Vinay Katwe






13 Jun 2018

Avoid these Digital Signage Mistakes

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Avoid these Digital Signage Mistakes

A wide range of sorts of associations of all sizes are presently utilizing advanced signage to draw in and illuminate their workers and guests. Some are utilizing it to incredible impact, while others don’t perceive any calculable change in correspondences. There are numerous approaches to prevail at computerized signage. Also, a couple of clear approaches to come up short. To get best out of your digital signage avoid these digital signage  mistakes 

1. Confuse

1. Confuse In the event that it takes too long for a man to peruse your message, at that point you're giving something incorrect. You have just a couple of moments to catch their eye, and after that another few to keep it. Jumbling up the screen with an excessive number of substance zones is one approach to ensure your message gets lost — it's befuddling on the eye and individuals will simply stroll on by. The same goes for a lot of content on the screen, or utilizing content in outwardly confounding ways – having in excess of one text style for each message is an awful thought, just like all italics or all striking, or ALL CAPS. Having content lines excessively near one another likewise makes it difficult to peruse rapidly, as does utilizing hued content that conflicts with the foundation.


In the event that it takes too long for a man to peruse your message, at that point you’re giving something incorrect. You have just a couple of moments to catch their eye, and after that another few to keep it. Jumbling up the screen with an excessive number of substance zones is one approach to ensure your message gets lost — it’s befuddling on the eye and individuals will simply stroll on by. The same goes for a lot of content on the screen, or utilizing content in outwardly confounding ways – having in excess of one text style for each message is an awful thought, just like all italics or all striking, or ALL CAPS. Having content lines excessively near one another likewise makes it difficult to peruse rapidly, as does utilizing hued content that conflicts with the foundation.

2. Do not Stuff too much.

Avoid these Digital Signage Mistakes

Moving content gets saw five times more than static, so on the off chance that you don’t have anything proceeding onward your screens, you’re not getting the consideration you need. Nonetheless, an excessive amount of development makes visual bedlam and furthermore influences individuals to turn away. Utilize activity and video, yet sparingly — to improve, not diminish.

3. Not Clear Images

Things to Avoid while going with Digital Signage

When you have a digital signage that can do miracles for you, you cannot stick only with text. You need something else other than text and that is where the iron gets red and you need to hit it, I mean that’s the point where you need to post the images. A blacksmith hits the job and a BLACKSMITH hits hard and hits good. I said you to put the images, oh come on you, don’t images like your Aadhaar card. You need to put an eye catching images just as Vijay Mallya puts images on his calendars.

With all the drill and my little effort to make you understand, I would say, when you go with images on you digital signage make sure it is

1- Good Quality

2- Not as your Government Identity Image

3- Some Relevant  Text.

4- Good animation effects.

4. Night View

Things to Avoid while going with Digital Signage

Clearly, white content on a light foundation would be almost difficult to peruse. Also, the same goes for dim content on a dim foundation. Yet, you need to utilize standards of difference to accomplish something beyond make your messages intelligible — you need to improve key components. Have a go at utilizing a smidgen of striking content or high-differentiate hues to influence key components to emerge, and blend picture sizes a bit. In any case, be cautious you don’t wind up making a major chaos that pushes the eye far from your message.


5. No custom-made Content


Things to Avoid while going with Digital Signage

A few associations basically reproduce their site on their screens, or hurl a cluster of pdf documents This isn’t what Digital Signage is for. You require customized content that works for your particular show sizes in the particular areas they are set for that particular gathering of people. It should be one of a kind substance in a one of a kind organization for individuals in a hurry — simple to see at a separation, and sufficiently charming to inspire individuals to stop and look somewhat more.

6.  Terrible position

Things to Avoid while going with Digital Signage

Your screens are up too high, or get glare on them amid high-activity times of the day, and individuals can’t see them. You need your screens at eye level, or somewhat higher — and if higher, tilt them down marginally. You likewise need to ensure your screens are the place individuals really go and invest energy – putting a costly show in a passage by the infrequently went to supply storage room does you no great.

7. No suggestion to take action

Things to Avoid while going with Digital Signage

Each message needs something for the watcher to do — join, go to the gathering, go to a site page, disparage the bistro, whatever. Calling them to activity is remunerating for them — they have an inclination that they are a piece of something – and gives you ROI on how successful your messages are. Without a suggestion to take action, your signs are simply marking.

8. Don’t know your audience

Things to Avoid while going with Digital Signage

In the event that you don’t know precisely who your group of onlookers is, how might you discuss viably with them? What are their needs and needs? Do they lean toward hard information, cleverness, tips and traps, for sure? What are their difficulties and how might you enable them to defeat those difficulties? At the point when do they take a gander at your showcases? Do they ever collaborate with them — either physically with touchscreens or later, after a suggestion to take action? In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about your gathering of people, it’s an ideal opportunity to do some exploration.

9. No correspondence with partners

Things to Avoid while going with Digital Signage

Partners in a computerized signage sending could be anybody from innovation suppliers to HR experts and sponsors on your framework, and your substance creation and administration group. Recognizing everybody who has a piece of the arrangement AND everyday activity is crucial. A ton of advanced signage frameworks don’t get effectively received in light of the fact that an IT group introduces it while never counseling those who’ll utilize it.

10. No maintenance

Things to Avoid while going with Digital Signage

You’ve hurled a few screens and began pushing out messages with no idea to support or development. Advanced signage is unimaginably versatile, yet you have to get ready for it. Consider what you may require 3-5 years down the line, and plan for that. You likewise need to stay up with the latest with new equipment, working frameworks and programming refreshes. Like some other framework, in the event that you don’t refresh as you go, something’s inevitably going to break.

11. No adaptability

Things to Avoid while going with Digital Signage

You can’t anticipate your present group continually being there – have clear guidelines and preparing methodology for new individuals venturing in to old parts. Or on the other hand possibly parts should extend, or split, or change? In any case, much more essentially, by what means will you adjust later on to new advances, inclines and evolving socioeconomics? On the off chance that your framework winds up fossilized, you’ll lose the upper hand in a quick paced, constantly evolving world. Be adaptable and ready to adjust as need be, and your interest in computerized signage will keep on paying out profits for quite a while to come.

Vinay Katwe




05 Jun 2018

Latest Trends in Digital Signage Industry

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Latest Trends in Digital Signage IndustryIn the rapidly growing digital Signage Industries it is obvious to get confused on taking a decision on choosing an appropriate digital display, software package and media player among plenty of such things out there in the market. Spending good amount of time in the digital Signage industry, I have come up with my best efforts to make you pretty clear and help you on selecting a digital Signage software package and media player among the various other Latest Trends in Digital Signage Industry.

Latest Trends in Digital Signage Industry

Changing Cities

It’s not the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  It’s actually the rise of Smart Cities. In the last decade phones became smartphones, TV became Smart TV and the cities are also becoming smart. Now it’s time for you to become smarter, after serving years in the digital Signage industry as a vendor of it I have noticed more and more companies are finding their way to get in sync with the Smart City, they discus and display Smart City solutions now from a wayfinding interactive Touch kiosk to a very advanced Wi-Fi providers, as the technology is being transformed to the next level .Its not only the technology, everything is being transformed. There is Rapid growth in the Migration of rural people to the cities, the cities are growing more and more crowded and it haven’t in seen a long time. Accordingly the cities are adopting tools such as smart displays touch kiosk to meet the increasing needs with this interactive kiosk them also be able to track and analyse the resident movement patterns and this analysis will be a superpower to them to improve.


Effective management of content and insights

 There might be money boots by which you may get attracted because of their offers and advertisements.  and every boot will tell you about smartness and simplicity about their product. but you my dear friend comma have to take a step further and think beyond you have to digital Signage package which will allow you to create a hierarchy of users to manage the content.  the end user could allow sum of its employee to change a particular image in an animation, but he should not be allowed to access to change or to edit the branding. and the package should have a provision to allow users to add their own code to the content management system to improve certain aspects.

the added advantage is when the end user can track how long a customer is standing in front of the screen,  where the interacted with the beacon and where they touch the beacon and so on.

the content management is always not about to keep pushing up new content or changing the  template. you need to be smarter and need to understand the impact be created buy that content to boost the Return on Investment.


Rapid increase in the use of IoT (Internet of things)

The IoT (Internet Of Things) Are everywhere now.  you should go with an interactive mannequin, Where a customer is allowed to touch a variety of places on the mannequin by which he will end up pulling some useful and valuable information about your brand and his needs as well on a particular Product of yours it may be an outfit, an appliance, a footwear or just any of the product. A circular device at your place that a customer could access the information about various products of you and the related offerings and discounts the product offers could then be displayed in details.  the rise of IoT is rapidly taking over almost every corner of the market and eventually the digital Signage industry as well.


My Words

With about discussion I would put it this way,  the smart cities server better too smart consumer needs,  butter content management, butter content display delivery and with internet of things respond to your customer directly.


Vinay katwe


Blink Media Private Limited

5th June 2018

04 Jun 2018

How digital Signage can help your business.

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How digital Signage can help your business.

how digital signage solution help your business

I can give you a long list of reasons that how digital signage solution help your business grow. With my very long experience in digital Signage industry I have come up with some of the valid, most importantly the reasons which will clear all your doubts queries and questions why you should have digital Signage in your business. I have put some of my efforts and listed some reasons as below.


Show what you have got.


With digital Signage display at your business you can go crazy at showing your products to your visitors. Instead of giving same old traditional three fold brochure printed template to your visitor every time they walked in. Surprise them with some high definition images of your products even some illustrative videos by which the customer will get more insights of your product. These digital Signage displays will improve the in store experience of your customers, and help you attract more potential customers. And hence increasing the conversion rate.


Affordable and economic.


Since there is Rapid transformation in the field of digital electronics. Things are becoming more affordable now. You can choose a variety of digital display according to your size of business. You can select a digital display for a wide range. However small your business is, you can make it digital by using digital sign is of your choice. You can choose a digital Signage as small as a Tablet or you can cover a whole wall with a digital Signage the choice is yours. Once you have a Digital Signage at your place push the content with the click, customise the templates, display the relevant content depending upon your audience type. Engage your audience by displaying offers, discounts and new launches. Digital Signage is not only limited to a particular sector you can have digital Signage in any of your business write from a fashion store Automotive showroom.




The digital Signage will not only improve your in store customer experience or is not only limited to increase your brand value it can also earn for you. For example having a digital Signage display on a fashion store you can advertise third party beauty products.


Keep your employees updated.


With digital Signage display and a proper cloud based software to control it push latest news and notification on a click, keep your employees updated with the upcoming events changes and targets as well. You can create a more friendly environment for your new toddler at your place. You can also display birthdays, best performers and goodbye message to a successful career.


Be relevant.


Depending on your goals, you can use digital Signage to pass information to a specific gender or age in your audience. You will be able to adjust and deliver content that is especially useful to your viewers. Right right information at the right place and at the right time.


You can program a digital Signage to deliver the most relevant content to the most relevant audience. Your audience want to view displays depending on the event and the venue that they are attending. In this case you can turn your screen to display the right information depending upon the occasions. This will eventually lead to viewing better and useful content for everyone.


Digital Signage finding its way right from a footwear store to diamond shop. Investing on something good is not a bad thing.


Vinay Katwe


Blynk media Private Limited

28 May 2018

28 Dec 2015

OTT advertising – Future

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The dominant players in online video advertising today are YouTube and other short-form content providers. But that won’t last much longer.

YouTube and its ilk will lose their lead to companies distributing television programming through “over-the-top” (OTT) connected devices, according to a new report from media research firm The Diffusion Group. That OTT programming is mostly the same long-form content people watch on a traditional TV broadcast — from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” to ESPN’s “SportsCenter” — but served through connected devices such as Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast that enable digital measurement and ad-serving.

The Diffusion Group report forecasts legacy TV advertising revenue will drop to $47.5 billion in 2018, while OTT TV ad revenue will rise to $31.5 billion during the same period. Jointly, that spells growth for the TV advertising market, even as traditional TV advertising budgets decline.

Right now, “OTT advertising is still lumped in with YouTube videos and ads on sites that have video,” said Alan Wolk, senior analyst at The Diffusion Group and author of the “Future of OTT TV Advertising” report. “By 2020, give or take, there will be no distinction between OTT and TV buying. If I’m Kraft, I will buy women 18 to 25 who are watching [ABC television series] ‘Scandal,’ and that ad will show up through OTT or set-top boxes. They’ll be bought and sold together.”


That current conception of OTT ads as online advertising leads to undervalued inventory, but the biggest element holding the sector back is lack of a unified measurement standard, said Wolk. While a number of companies are offering OTT measurement products, including Rentrak and Kantar, many in the industry are waiting on Nielsen’s solution, which it has been working on since 2013. Wolk expects it to finally arrive later this year, which is likely to prompt a major upswing in the value of OTT inventory.



But whatever Nielsen does, the dollars will eventually follow the viewers, who are spending an increasingly large amount of time consuming video programming through connected devices. Last year, the average U.S. consumer watched 3.6 hours of OTT content per week. The report forecasts that figure will nearly double to 6.9 hours this year, with steady increases each subsequent year t

hrough 2020.


Not all video content accessible through connected devices is 20 minutes or longer — watching a two-minute YouTube clip through a game console is still considered OTT viewership — but people gravitate toward lengthier content when they’re sitting on their couch, watching on an actual TV screen. FreeWheel’s recent video monetization report shows that 91 percent of OTT ad views occur on content longer than 20 minutes (or on live content, which tends to run longer than 20 minutes).

Across OTT platforms and channels, the average video ad load for a standard 30-minute show will increase from 3.2 minutes last year to 5.2 minutes by 2020, according to Wolk’s analysis. Alongside increased viewership as well as advances in OTT ad measurement and targeting, that will help drive substantial growth in OTT ad revenue over the coming years. That growth will be fastest in the next two years, as both multiplatform video providers (Comcast, Time Warner, etc.) and networks push their “TV Everywhere” applications on consumers, said Wolk.

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