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Link: 11 ways mobile technology can change the hotel guest experience!

Blynk Hotel already takes care of 6 out of the 11 points, with more coming soon!

– Sunny Goenka, Co-Founder.

We are proud that our lead designer, Dhanish Gajjar, was profiled in Creative Gaga magazine We wish you a lot more recognition which you truly deserve. 

– Sunny Goenka, Co-Founder.

We take great pleasure in announcing that Blynk has officially tied up with Rick Tobin, Premier Hotel Realty for promoting and marketing Blynk Hotel in the United States! 

With this we aim to increase the bottom line of American hotels, while at the same time revolutionize guest experiences at properties running Blynk Hotel, our premium mobile and tablet solution.

– Sunny Goenka, Co-Founder.

Is Your Hotel ‘Liked’ on Social Media?

Link: SITA research concludes that Mobile will be the new dominant channel for Airlines within 3 years!

According to us, it’s exactly the same for the hospitality industry. Highlights from the video in the attached link:

1) By 2015, mobile will be the new dominant channel.

2) Smart phones and websites will dominate passenger interaction. Smart phones will dominate customer services.

3) Maximum growth in mobile as a distribution channel.

4) Personalization – major opportunity for direct channels.

5) By 2015, self service will come of age.

Bring your hotel / restaurant to life by creating 360* views and interactive tours with Google Street View technology.

If you are located in select cities in U.S., Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, and the UK (as of now), get your business on Google Business Photos.

Businesses every where are moving to the cloud. Hotels, big and small, are embracing the cloud. Running your hotel software on the cloud is now possible and is answer to solving all your existing tech complexities.

The new breed of guest experience solutions are leading the adoption of running on the cloud compared to existing PMS software. This means that a hotel can implement these solutions within days and without any hardware or software installations.

Blynk Hotel runs 100% on the cloud.

Is your hotel on Hipmunk?

After becoming one of the best way to search for flights, Hipmunk has released its innovative search experience to hotels!

Read more in this article:

Link: Excellent article on the potential benefits of tablet apps for a hotel!

Realistically, we are only scratching the surface with this new technology (tablet apps), and the benefits to the hotel industry will only be limited by our imagination.

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