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Blynk’s Top 5 Travel Apps For The Road Warrior

Blynk’s Top 5 Travel Apps For The Road Warrior

Below is a roundup of our favorite travel apps.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps works in almost all the countries in the world. It has amazing features like turn-by-turn navigation, public transport connections and the most updated local information for any place in the world.

Simply tell Google Maps where and how you want to go and you can be sure you will never be lost.

2. Hipmunk


Hipmunk is our favorite way to do flight searches. Although it does not do flight bookings directly on the site, it is the best tool to decide which flight to book. It lists flight by agony, unlike other flight booking websites.

They have recently started a hotel search engine on their site too.


We love because it helps us book hotels fast and with easy cancellation options. For most hotels, it allows free cancellation till 1 day before your checkin date. We, like millions of users, love this convenience, making our number 1 hotel booking site.

4. TripIt


TripIt helps you organize your travel itinerary in 1 place which you can easily share with your family and friends or on your social media sites. The best thing we love about TripIt is how easy they have made to add your flight and hotel details to your trips. Simply forward your flight or hotel confirmation to their email and it automatically adds the details to your trip.

5. Local SIM Cards

SIM cards

Although not really an app, buying a local prepaid SIM card in the country you visit, lets you connect to internet on your smartphone in the cheapest possible way. Its only then you can use our recommended travel apps stress free. We find that this is the better than the many world SIM card options in the market.

Feel free to tell us your favorite travel apps in the comments below.

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