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Link: SITA research concludes that Mobile will be the new dominant channel for Airlines within 3 years!

According to us, it’s exactly the same for the hospitality industry. Highlights from the video in the attached link:

1) By 2015, mobile will be the new dominant channel.

2) Smart phones and websites will dominate passenger interaction. Smart phones will dominate customer services.

3) Maximum growth in mobile as a distribution channel.

4) Personalization – major opportunity for direct channels.

5) By 2015, self service will come of age.

Businesses every where are moving to the cloud. Hotels, big and small, are embracing the cloud. Running your hotel software on the cloud is now possible and is answer to solving all your existing tech complexities.

The new breed of guest experience solutions are leading the adoption of running on the cloud compared to existing PMS software. This means that a hotel can implement these solutions within days and without any hardware or software installations.

Blynk Hotel runs 100% on the cloud.

The restaurant and food industry is embracing the mobile movement more than other business sectors, according to this infographic.

Link: Majority of smartphone owners now accessing travel content via their devices


more than 20% of smartphone users are using their smartphones to lookup hotel related information on their devices.

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