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Corporate Communication

Digital Signage Benefits in Corporate

  • Update paper posters on Corporate digital signage to easily keep new content for HR ads.

  • Share the price of your company’s stock, the latest news, traffic reports, weather and more to inform and engage your audience

  • Ensure visual consistency and compliance in all your locations.

  • Transmit the president’s video messages as well as your goals and progress to inform all employees

  • Recognise your employees’ accomplishments and milestones to cultivate a positive work environment

Corporate Digital Signage Applications

  • Employee Communications: Keep your employees updated with announcements, business news, birthdays and much more. Digital Signage allows you to communicate across the enterprise by a click of a mouse.
  • Displays in Lobby: Welcome visitors with a digital panel sharing the latest news and highlights on your business. Find out and have fun reducing the perceived waiting time, while creating an atmosphere rich in technology.
  • Social Networks: View the latest Twitter feeds, RSS news, Facebook publications, and more about your business to keep your team on the brink of what partners and customers are saying.

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