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DOOH advertising

Imagine you can push context sensitive content simultaneously for all the displays or different content for some or individual display.  All of these can be achieved while sitting at any place comfortably through any internet-enabled PC/Tablet. You could also schedule your content to specific display based on predefined conditions such as specific time of the day or an event and so on. Now all this is possible through our smart signage solution and that also with a fraction of the price of your current signage systems.

Smart Signage offers high quality, low-cost comprehensive solutions: software, hardware, and customized templates whether you need a dynamic menu board, content for a waiting room or a message to deliver during your pre-sale display.


OOH to DOOH Advertising 

Send targeted content to a specific set of screens to read during a specific time interval to update the calendar and present a new ad in a few minutes get detailed reports, which contain information about the ads.

Accordingly, all screen provide completely new ad units with 3D graphics show relevant information such as news and updates allows your advertisers to upload their content on a portal and offer slots.

Control your operations remotely from your office. Convert any TV to smart TV  Solution and also Plug & play control central and subsidiary several video sources.


Dynamic Content Control

Digital signage enables you to make frequent, rapid changes to the messages conveyed to the consumer with real-time display of dynamic content. It can display content relevant to a specific site or region.

Ensure Customer Engagement

As Digital Signage are much more dynamic and multimedia-based communications channel. It is very effective in harnessing an audience’s comfort level with multimedia, which helps to create a more engaging experience.

Drive New Revenue

Since Signage are becoming increasingly common for retailers, hotels, hospitals and so on to advertise their content.  Revenue can be generated based on the ad space provided to the local businesses.

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