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Campus administrators are turning to digital signage and interactive technologies to improve the teaching and learning environments of their facilities. Education Digital signage systems also provide important platforms for effective campus communication and are particularly effective for crisis alerts. In addition to improving communications with students, faculty and visitors.

Benefits of Education Digital Signage on Campus

  • Broadcasting emergency notifications and alerts
  • Reduce paper clutter and create a more cutting-edge atmosphere
  • Plan content to communicate messages at the right time and location
  • Integrate event schedules and information
  • View social media updates and live data for news, weather, scores and more Educational applications

Education Applications

  • Sports Hall of Fame shows allow programs to share the story, chronicle the championship history, and recognize athletes and coaches’ accomplishments.

  • Campus Communications Each college on campus has distinct needs to communicate with students regarding club news, highlights of the department, upcoming events and much more. Large format screens improve the life of this content and ensure it is updated in real time.

  • Donor Recognition Each university relies on generous donations from alumni and distinguished partners to help improve programs. Interactive screens allow universities to broadcast media such as photos or videos to tell stories and recognise gifts.

  • Way-finding Each campus is a complex labyrinth of buildings. Touch-screen kiosks allow guests and visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for and how to get there.

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