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Hotel Digital Signage

Hotel Digital Signage

Hotel Digital Signage by Blynk Media provides its customers with the best possible service through a 24/7 television news channel. Today’s busy hotel and resort guests want their information to be easily accessible and visually appealing.

Everything they need to know about your property and community is just a click away on the TV. After the arrival of customers, they may have questions that can be answered using you’re dedicated channel – information about your real estate equipment, local attractions, events and more.

Start increasing the nights of the room by promoting your property, these amenities, packages and promotions, and associated properties. Bring your guests on a tour of your property through your own TV channel information channel. You can even provide travel tips and other useful information to enhance the guest experience.

Benefits With Hotel Digital Signage

Blynk Media and your Hotel TV news channel offer these services and benefits With Hotel Digital Signage :

Cleans clutter in your rooms by replacing expensive, unnecessary magazines, signs, directories and brochures to reprint, replenish and clean.

Allows you to mark and promote your hotel and equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering you another indoor sales staff always in service

It is easily customized to accommodate groups and conventions, informing them of meeting times and schedules

Promotes community and visitor spending with local restaurants, stores, and attractions/events.

Remote updates, anytime

• We will maintain it for a low monthly rate

Gain valuable time for staff by answering questions but maintaining that personal touch

Streams in your hotel news, local weather conditions or current events by an RSS feed

Can be FREE: through advertising sales – we’ll show you how.

Now people take services Concierge on mobile with concierge services or our hotel smartphone application that reflects the TV guest directory.



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