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How digital Signage can help your business.

How digital Signage can help your business.

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How digital Signage can help your business.

how digital signage solution help your business

I can give you a long list of reasons that how digital signage solution help your business grow. With my very long experience in digital Signage industry I have come up with some of the valid, most importantly the reasons which will clear all your doubts queries and questions why you should have digital Signage in your business. I have put some of my efforts and listed some reasons as below.


Show what you have got.


With digital Signage display at your business you can go crazy at showing your products to your visitors. Instead of giving same old traditional three fold brochure printed template to your visitor every time they walked in. Surprise them with some high definition images of your products even some illustrative videos by which the customer will get more insights of your product. These digital Signage displays will improve the in store experience of your customers, and help you attract more potential customers. And hence increasing the conversion rate.


Affordable and economic.


Since there is Rapid transformation in the field of digital electronics. Things are becoming more affordable now. You can choose a variety of digital display according to your size of business. You can select a digital display for a wide range. However small your business is, you can make it digital by using digital sign is of your choice. You can choose a digital Signage as small as a Tablet or you can cover a whole wall with a digital Signage the choice is yours. Once you have a Digital Signage at your place push the content with the click, customise the templates, display the relevant content depending upon your audience type. Engage your audience by displaying offers, discounts and new launches. Digital Signage is not only limited to a particular sector you can have digital Signage in any of your business write from a fashion store Automotive showroom.




The digital Signage will not only improve your in store customer experience or is not only limited to increase your brand value it can also earn for you. For example having a digital Signage display on a fashion store you can advertise third party beauty products.


Keep your employees updated.


With digital Signage display and a proper cloud based software to control it push latest news and notification on a click, keep your employees updated with the upcoming events changes and targets as well. You can create a more friendly environment for your new toddler at your place. You can also display birthdays, best performers and goodbye message to a successful career.


Be relevant.


Depending on your goals, you can use digital Signage to pass information to a specific gender or age in your audience. You will be able to adjust and deliver content that is especially useful to your viewers. Right right information at the right place and at the right time.


You can program a digital Signage to deliver the most relevant content to the most relevant audience. Your audience want to view displays depending on the event and the venue that they are attending. In this case you can turn your screen to display the right information depending upon the occasions. This will eventually lead to viewing better and useful content for everyone.


Digital Signage finding its way right from a footwear store to diamond shop. Investing on something good is not a bad thing.


Vinay Katwe


Blynk media Private Limited

28 May 2018

Digital Signage, OOH, SmartTV Platform
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