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Blynk’s mission is to revolutionise the interaction between guests and the hospitality industry.

We provide an out-of-the-box solution to quickly make customized apps for hotels and restaurants.

  • Apps work on Apple and Android devices.
  • Control the app content via a web based Content Management System.
  • Connect and engage your guests via powerful features.
  • Drive revenues via direct bookings, promotions, cross selling and up selling.

Recent News

  • Digital Signage Revolution

    Revolution in Digital Signage The recent promising technology in the self-service kiosk is the Bio metric Identification, which will be a revolution in digital signage , and the speed of the sensors which identify the users is jaw dropping. According to a survey the bio metric system market is expected to be tripled by 2022, […]

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    7 Reasons why bank should invest in Digital Signage     The banking sector is not a limited thing now it is growing at lightning speed. And at the same point every banks out there are in a race to have more account number in their list. You need to serve beyond the best to […]

  • Digital Signage Trends For 2018

    Digital Signage Trends For 2018 Do you enjoy science fiction movies? I assume a strong yes from you. Yes, and I too enjoy hem a lot. You also would have imagined yourself standing in front of the big giant like video wall, which keeps pushing the information to the protagonist of the movie. Believe me, […]

  • How Digital Signage Will help the Retailers to retain their customers

    How Digital Signage Will help the retailers to retain their customers. The only reason to employee a digital signage in your retail store is to influence your customers to buy more products in one or the other way. The ultimate reason to use a digital signage or an interactive kiosk is to engage more and […]

  • Digital Signage Features

    Digital Signage Features Investing into Digital Signage is profoundly helpful for any association, regardless of whether it is in the Retail, Healthcare services or Education industry. Before purchasing a specific show, you need to guarantee it has all the Digital Signage programming highlights you have to make utilizing it as straightforward as could be expected […]

  • 3 Different Ways Airplane Terminals Fly High With Digital Signage

    3 Different Ways Airplane Terminals Fly High With Digital Signage With emerging digital technologies, the airports are always on their way ahead to shape a new and user friendly environment at the airports. Whatever the airports are adding new kind of services in their list the first and primary focus will on the customers, the […]

  • Avoid these Digital Signage Mistakes

    Avoid these Digital Signage Mistakes A wide range of sorts of associations of all sizes are presently utilizing advanced signage to draw in and illuminate their workers and guests. Some are utilizing it to incredible impact, while others don’t perceive any calculable change in correspondences. There are numerous approaches to prevail at computerized signage. Also, […]

  • Latest Trends in Digital Signage Industry

    In the rapidly growing digital Signage Industries it is obvious to get confused on taking a decision on choosing an appropriate digital display, software package and media player among plenty of such things out there in the market. Spending good amount of time in the digital Signage industry, I have come up with my best […]


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