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Latest Trends in Digital Signage Industry

Latest Trends in Digital Signage Industry

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Latest Trends in Digital Signage IndustryIn the rapidly growing digital Signage Industries it is obvious to get confused on taking a decision on choosing an appropriate digital display, software package and media player among plenty of such things out there in the market. Spending good amount of time in the digital Signage industry, I have come up with my best efforts to make you pretty clear and help you on selecting a digital Signage software package and media player among the various other Latest Trends in Digital Signage Industry.

Latest Trends in Digital Signage Industry

Changing Cities

It’s not the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  It’s actually the rise of Smart Cities. In the last decade phones became smartphones, TV became Smart TV and the cities are also becoming smart. Now it’s time for you to become smarter, after serving years in the digital Signage industry as a vendor of it I have noticed more and more companies are finding their way to get in sync with the Smart City, they discus and display Smart City solutions now from a wayfinding interactive Touch kiosk to a very advanced Wi-Fi providers, as the technology is being transformed to the next level .Its not only the technology, everything is being transformed. There is Rapid growth in the Migration of rural people to the cities, the cities are growing more and more crowded and it haven’t in seen a long time. Accordingly the cities are adopting tools such as smart displays touch kiosk to meet the increasing needs with this interactive kiosk them also be able to track and analyse the resident movement patterns and this analysis will be a superpower to them to improve.


Effective management of content and insights

 There might be money boots by which you may get attracted because of their offers and advertisements.  and every boot will tell you about smartness and simplicity about their product. but you my dear friend comma have to take a step further and think beyond you have to digital Signage package which will allow you to create a hierarchy of users to manage the content.  the end user could allow sum of its employee to change a particular image in an animation, but he should not be allowed to access to change or to edit the branding. and the package should have a provision to allow users to add their own code to the content management system to improve certain aspects.

the added advantage is when the end user can track how long a customer is standing in front of the screen,  where the interacted with the beacon and where they touch the beacon and so on.

the content management is always not about to keep pushing up new content or changing the  template. you need to be smarter and need to understand the impact be created buy that content to boost the Return on Investment.


Rapid increase in the use of IoT (Internet of things)

The IoT (Internet Of Things) Are everywhere now.  you should go with an interactive mannequin, Where a customer is allowed to touch a variety of places on the mannequin by which he will end up pulling some useful and valuable information about your brand and his needs as well on a particular Product of yours it may be an outfit, an appliance, a footwear or just any of the product. A circular device at your place that a customer could access the information about various products of you and the related offerings and discounts the product offers could then be displayed in details.  the rise of IoT is rapidly taking over almost every corner of the market and eventually the digital Signage industry as well.


My Words

With about discussion I would put it this way,  the smart cities server better too smart consumer needs,  butter content management, butter content display delivery and with internet of things respond to your customer directly.


Vinay katwe


Blink Media Private Limited

5th June 2018

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