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Mungu TV Android Media Center


Mungu TV Android Media Center

Enjoy movies, TV series, music videos and more; Bollywood movies, Drama, Comedy, all at your fingertips. Access popular Podcasts with favourites like TED and PBS by MUNGU TV Android Media Center.
Easy to use with point and click television browser or browse any site you want or use the My Web application for stock, news, time and more.
Play photos, videos, movies, and music stored on your USB hard drive or USB flash drive. Play content stored on the Smart TV Box or on your PC or other device on your local network
Allows Teleplay. View photos, videos, and music from your smartphone or tablets to your TV
Using the iRevo Remote Control application on your smartphones or tablets makes it a breeze to interact with the SmartTV application. The iRevo Remote Control application supports Android and iOS devices
Join a keyboard (optional) and use the built-in email application, create reports and presentations with Google Docs, and do much more

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