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Player Setup

  1.  Setting Up: For First Time
  • Plug the power cable into the back of the device, and the other end into the wall socket.
  • Plug the AV or HDMI OUTPUT(optional) of the Android box to the AV/HDMI input of the TV through the provided cable.
  • Turn the power on at the socket and blue LED will glow/ appear on the front of device indicating it’s been powered on.
  • Turn on your TV and change the source to either AV or HDMI using the TC remote (depending on the type of video cable you used).
  • The device will take some time to set itself up for the first time, please wait until the device boots in to home screen as shown below.

player setup

     2.  How to connect the TV to Internet(WI-FI or ETHERNET) :

To Connect to your Wi-Fi:

  • Click the APPS button at the Bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the Settings.
  • Click on “WI-FI Switch” to turn off or on Wi-Fi and search for wireless channels.
  • Click on the wireless channels that match the name of your modem/router. This will open up a new window.
  • Enter the Password for your internet.
  • The text under your internet should read” Connected”. Refer the below screen shots.

player setup

player setup

   3.Downloaded APPs from Playstore:

  • Click the APPS button at the Bottom of the screen.
  • Click Playstore App.
  • Login with your Google Account.

player setup

4.Then, Search for Sismatik or Wizbox in playstore search bar. Or click below links


player setup





5. After the installation of apps click BlynkSignagePro or SmartSignage Pro App.

player setup

6. Now here enter Display Group-ID Number, provided by Blynk Media team and Click Done Button.

player setup

7.Now look for the relevant screen which needs to be live and Click Proceed.

8. The content then will start playing according to CMS schedule

9.Please ensure the smartsignagePro app is set as always. For that Click Home Button on Remote or Click Home symbol in Bottom Task bar.

player setup

10. Here Select BlynkSignagePro+Launcher and Click Always Button

      If box already configure you want to change WI-FI connections

  1. Once the box is powered up, the already scheduled/downloaded content will continue to play.

player setup

2.Connect the mouse to the box and double click on the TV Screen, setting menu will appear on the screen.

  •   On Clicking Settings button.

player setup


3.If you are not finding that setting menu, drag top right side of the screen you will find menu shown below.

player setup

4.Click on the Settings tab or directly WI-FI button to configure Wi-Fi and press home button.



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