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Digital Signage Revolution

Digital Signage Revolution

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Revolution in Digital Signage

Revolution in Digital Signage

The recent promising technology in the self-service kiosk is the Bio metric Identification, which will be a revolution in digital signage , and the speed of the sensors which identify the users is jaw dropping. According to a survey the bio metric system market is expected to be tripled by 2022, yes that’s why I said revolution in digital signage industry.


The largest share of the biometric application is contributed by the travell and immigration, and the use is also rising in the retail, healthcare and financial markets.


The Biometric Kiosk will basically be an image-sensing camera based module incorporating proprietary technology for recognizing human face expression, gender, age, gaze and blink into a camera module.


The unit gloats a max recognition speed 10 times that of a past model presented in March 2014. The new innovation makes it conceivable to identify a human body four times each second, monitoring a man inside its discovery territory. The organization takes note of that the picture detecting innovation was produced on information from in excess of one million appearances.


The recognition will be presented in the form of digital signals or in the form of digital information which include the age, angles, the number of detections as well as the text data including the facial expression and gender.


This biometric face recognition embedded technology comes with the various types of functions that can recognize the human conditions in different ways,


  1. Face detection
  2. Human body detection
  3. Hand detection
  4. Face direction estimation
  5. Gaze estimation
  6. Blink estimation
  7. Age estimation
  8. Gender estimation
  9. Expression estimation (this also includes the moods neutral, happiness, anger, surprise and sadness)
  10. Face recognition

This technology also comes with the class of scanning as close range and long distance scanning which allows the customer to choose from two different camera lenses. The specific application purpose will decide the type of the detection whether to use a long distance detection type or a wide angle detection type.


The device is powered with a smart sensor which will detect the attributes and the condition the of the user in its vicinity and without the user knowing the presence of the camera, it will provide the most suitable services in the view of the customers attributes.


The technology will have its hands in retail, automated retail, digital signage, POS, vending and ticketing. Advertising tailored to gender and age will be more beneficial to the marketing. And the customer need not to worry, as only the result data will be processed and sent to the PC not the image. And high speed process will be an addition to the list of benefits. This will be a low cost system which does not include a server for running image sensing.


The spreading bio metric technology will create a new opportunity for the self service interactive kiosk will revolutionize the digital signage.


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