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Highlights from the article ‘Tablet Usage Growing In The Hotel Industry‘.


Hotels are beginning to move into a more eco-friendly direction to save energy and money. Hotels encourage you to reuse towels, bed sheets, and bath robes  a few times before they dispense new ones. Major hotels are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing VIP members with iPads, giving you the bible on a Kindle or booking your entire stay on your tablet.

The San Diego Bayfront and the Boston Marriott Long Wharf are doing very interesting things with the Apple iPad. The hotels are providing the concierges with tablets to provide inquiring guests images of the restaurants, clubs, and tourist attractions that they’re recommending. “Today, all of our concierges have most of their restaurant choices and tourist attractions on the iPad. In an old-fashioned hotel, they’d flip through a three-ring binder,” says Marc Hoffman of Sunstone Hotel Investors, which owns 26 upscale chain hotels.

Many hotels are beginning to provide guests with tablets in their room, which goes far beyond just playing a round of Angry Birds. The New York Plaza hotel has outfitted all of the suites with iPad tablets that allow you to order room service, make restaurant reservations, give wake up calls, check your airline schedules, and even print your boarding pass.

Many hotels are starting to give guests free access to newspapers on any tablet they might have via Press Reader. Instead of buying issues or subscribing to the service, they will give you free access to over 1,200 international editions, which is a boon to international globetrotters that could care less about the local paper left outside their door.

Tablets in hotels are starting to catch on in a big way. A new study found that 53 hotels across the USA found that 82% of guests who had access to the in-suite tablets used them an average of 11 times per stay.

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