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One of the first questions that pops in the mind of hoteliers, when we give demos of Blynk iHotel is, whether the cost of installing tablets has a reasonable ROI.

Besides all the advantages of enhancing guest experience and marketing opportunities, the investment in tablets can be offset by replacing the following in-room material.

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Once you have your own shining new mobile and tablet app, then what. How do you promote your app to your guests, how do you spread the word, how do you encourage guests use the app in the hotel. Below are some of the ways you can do this.

We will provide support to promote the app to your guests. Some best practices are as follows:

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We recently did a survey to find out if guests are interested to use hotel apps. Here are some key findings:

  • 65% said they would download the hotel app
  • 93% said they would use the app on a tablet from the hotel room
  • 93% said they would find such an app very useful

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Blynk iHotel

Data released recently on usage of hotel apps in cases where hotels have installed tablets in rooms have found that more than 80% guests have used the tablet app on an average during their stay.

  • 82% Guests used the tablet app during their stay.
  • 11 number of uses (transactions) per stay.
  • The most popular services are:
  1. In-room dining, 41% of total requests
  2. Wake-up calls, 21% of total requests
  3. Housekeeping requests, 7% of total requests

Blynk’s own surveys reveals that guests are eager to download hotel apps on their smartphones to explore hotel services, local information and place requests and orders directly from the app.

Increase your hotel revenue by having your own mobile app, powered by Blynk Hotel.

Check out Blynk Hotel’s demo video. See Blynk Hotel in action and see how it can revolutionize the way your guests interact with your hotel.

Link: Starwood has launched iPhone and iPad apps for its hotels

Starwood commits 75% of its marketing budget to digital.

All service industries are realizing the growing importance of social and mobile mediums.

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