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Blynk was featured in the recent issue of HospitalityBiz Magazine’s special issue on In-Room Entertainment. Read our comments on page 16 below.

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Link: Beachtree Hotels based in US provides free iPads to Guests

Beachtree, a 11 boutique hotel chain in USA has started providing free iPads to guests in 3 of its hotels as a pilot project. 

While hotels are debating on providing free Wi-Fi, innovative hotels have started providing free iPads with customized apps.


A recent J.D. Power study finds:

  • 55% guests use the internet during their hotel stay.
  • 87% guests use Wi-Fi.
  • Charges for internet access can drag down satisfaction.
  • Guests that are charges for internet have a costs and fees satisfaction score of 688, 76 points lower than those that were not charged for internet separately.
  • Guests use social media both to complain about bad Internet access and praise hotel brands for fast Internet service.
  • Guests frequently complain about Internet fees charged by hotels.
  • Extra charge for Internet access is now perceived as being taken advantage of, especially since there are many places offering free Internet.

Remotes As per article published by Hotel Interactive, HTNG has published a new standard to enable a single remote control to support multiple entertainment devices, without expensive custom integration.

Technology companies who were involved in the profile development were C2G, Deuromedia Technologies Ltd., Enseo, guestLINK, iBAHN, LodgeNet Interactive Corporation, Media Communications S.A., Philips, Saflok, Samsung Electronics Co., Schneider Electric, Swisscom and TeleAdapt.

Such standards will help products like Blynk Hotel to easily add features to control these entertainment systems from mobile / tablet devices.

Rent iPads

If guests can pay US$ 20 for internet for a day in a hotel, they might be more than happy to pay a similar amount to rent the most desired gadget, an iPad.

This seems to be the thinking behind a host of new rent-an-iPad services targeting travelers.

Singapore based TouristPads rents iPads to tourists with preloaded apps and unlimited internet access for US$ 25/day.

PadInTheCity, a similar service based in Spain, rents iPads for US$ 35/day. They claim to have grown from only 10 iPads to more than 250, in just a year.

The trend has started in hotels too.

Galleria Park Hotel in San Francisco made news as one of the first hotels in San Francisco to start renting iPads for US$ 15/day.

Langham Palace Hotel in Hong Kong is another hotel which has iPads available for rent for its guests.

Hotel Stureplan, in Sweden rents iPads for US$ 15/day.

TravelVu, based in Canada, lets hotels rent iPhones or iPads at US$10/day. The catch for the low price is that they run their own advertising platform, so your guests see local ads.

Most of the above services charge a deposit against damages to the device. After the guest returns the devices, the iPads can be easily reset to a predefined setting by the hotel, removing security or guest privacy issues.

With Blynk Hotel’s success pricing model, it’s easy to try out a similar service in your own hotel. A hotel can start with buying a few iPads and offering it on rent to their premium / suite customers and can scale up based on guest feedback. It’s a risk free model to try and the extra press release to be one of the first few hotels doing this, won’t hurt :)

– Sunny Goenka, Co-Founder.

Link: 11 ways mobile technology can change the hotel guest experience!

Blynk Hotel already takes care of 6 out of the 11 points, with more coming soon!

– Sunny Goenka, Co-Founder.

Bring your hotel / restaurant to life by creating 360* views and interactive tours with Google Street View technology.

If you are located in select cities in U.S., Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, and the UK (as of now), get your business on Google Business Photos.

Businesses every where are moving to the cloud. Hotels, big and small, are embracing the cloud. Running your hotel software on the cloud is now possible and is answer to solving all your existing tech complexities.

The new breed of guest experience solutions are leading the adoption of running on the cloud compared to existing PMS software. This means that a hotel can implement these solutions within days and without any hardware or software installations.

Blynk Hotel runs 100% on the cloud.

Link: Excellent article on the potential benefits of tablet apps for a hotel!

Realistically, we are only scratching the surface with this new technology (tablet apps), and the benefits to the hotel industry will only be limited by our imagination.

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