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Future of Hospitality

A few days back, I gave a lecture on ‘The Future of Hospitality’ at IIHM Ahmedabad. It was a fantastic experience to share with the students, the impact of technology on the hospitality industry.

The idea was to give them an insight into new technologies which would have mainstream adoption by the time they graduated and joined the industry. The main topics were:

  • the impact of social media
  • cloud computing
  • the internet of things
  • virtual experiences
  • new input interfaces like voice, touch and gesture
  • the mobile revolution

While everyone seemed to know everything about social media and the mobile revolution, it was fun to give them an insight into other topics like cloud computing and the internet of things. Being in the technology business, for us it is normal to follow companies who are trying to connect door locks and bulbs to the internet. However, it was fascinating to see their reactions when they saw videos of such devices and how they could transform the hotel room of the future.

The lecture got me wondering that it would be a good idea to have similar sessions with hoteliers also. Everyone is so busy in taking care of daily activities that this would be a refreshing insight into the future and may give a fresh impetus to early adopters to differentiate themselves from the competition by implementing some of these new but existing technologies.

Sunny Goenka, Co-Founder, Blynk.

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