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iPad Kiosk Stand

More and more hotels are installing iPads at their lobby front desks. There is a lot of useful information that hotels can display to their guests on these tablets. For example, latest foreign exchange rates, slideshows of their hotel or activities of the day. Our customers have their hotel app, powered by Blynk, so guests can actually interact with the app while they are waiting to be checked in.

Below is a list of worldwide suppliers who manufacture and deliver tablet kiosk stands. We also continually add more suppliers as we discover them on our online support desk.

India, ships worldwide

The Mobile Indian
India, ships within India

UK, ships worldwide

UK, ships worldwide

Image Holders
UK, ships worldwide

US, ships worldwide

US, ships worldwide

US, ships worldwide

US, ships worldwide

US, ships worldwide

US, ships worldwide


Highlights from the article ‘Tablet Usage Growing In The Hotel Industry‘.


Hotels are beginning to move into a more eco-friendly direction to save energy and money. Hotels encourage you to reuse towels, bed sheets, and bath robes  a few times before they dispense new ones. Major hotels are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing VIP members with iPads, giving you the bible on a Kindle or booking your entire stay on your tablet.

The San Diego Bayfront and the Boston Marriott Long Wharf are doing very interesting things with the Apple iPad. The hotels are providing the concierges with tablets to provide inquiring guests images of the restaurants, clubs, and tourist attractions that they’re recommending. “Today, all of our concierges have most of their restaurant choices and tourist attractions on the iPad. In an old-fashioned hotel, they’d flip through a three-ring binder,” says Marc Hoffman of Sunstone Hotel Investors, which owns 26 upscale chain hotels.

Many hotels are beginning to provide guests with tablets in their room, which goes far beyond just playing a round of Angry Birds. The New York Plaza hotel has outfitted all of the suites with iPad tablets that allow you to order room service, make restaurant reservations, give wake up calls, check your airline schedules, and even print your boarding pass.

Many hotels are starting to give guests free access to newspapers on any tablet they might have via Press Reader. Instead of buying issues or subscribing to the service, they will give you free access to over 1,200 international editions, which is a boon to international globetrotters that could care less about the local paper left outside their door.

Tablets in hotels are starting to catch on in a big way. A new study found that 53 hotels across the USA found that 82% of guests who had access to the in-suite tablets used them an average of 11 times per stay.

Read the complete article here.


Blynk iHotel on Android

We have lots of big announcements to make today. The first is that we are excited to launch the much awaited Android version of Blynk iHotel. This means that hotel apps, powered by Blynk iHotel, can now run on Android tablets and phones, iPads, recently launched iPad Minis, iPhones and your existing in-room TVs.

Hotel App on Android tablets

What this means for hotels is that now there is a wide range of devices to chose from. Android tablets are available for as low as $125.

Hotel App on TV

To continue the good news, Blynk is one of the first few companies to launch hotel apps which work on your existing in-room HD TV. This is achieved by installing an Android TV Dongle and a wireless mouse (less than $100 for the pair). Besides your hotel app, Android TV can be setup to run popular apps on the existing TVs. You can give your guests a revolutionary new interactive experience with minimal hardware cost and installation.

This means that the Total Cost of Ownership for Blynk iHotel solution is drastically reduced. Your hotel app can now run on more and more devices.

For an online demo, send us an email at Fore more details on Blynk iHotel, visit our website.

Link: Beachtree Hotels based in US provides free iPads to Guests

Beachtree, a 11 boutique hotel chain in USA has started providing free iPads to guests in 3 of its hotels as a pilot project. 

While hotels are debating on providing free Wi-Fi, innovative hotels have started providing free iPads with customized apps.

Rent iPads

If guests can pay US$ 20 for internet for a day in a hotel, they might be more than happy to pay a similar amount to rent the most desired gadget, an iPad.

This seems to be the thinking behind a host of new rent-an-iPad services targeting travelers.

Singapore based TouristPads rents iPads to tourists with preloaded apps and unlimited internet access for US$ 25/day.

PadInTheCity, a similar service based in Spain, rents iPads for US$ 35/day. They claim to have grown from only 10 iPads to more than 250, in just a year.

The trend has started in hotels too.

Galleria Park Hotel in San Francisco made news as one of the first hotels in San Francisco to start renting iPads for US$ 15/day.

Langham Palace Hotel in Hong Kong is another hotel which has iPads available for rent for its guests.

Hotel Stureplan, in Sweden rents iPads for US$ 15/day.

TravelVu, based in Canada, lets hotels rent iPhones or iPads at US$10/day. The catch for the low price is that they run their own advertising platform, so your guests see local ads.

Most of the above services charge a deposit against damages to the device. After the guest returns the devices, the iPads can be easily reset to a predefined setting by the hotel, removing security or guest privacy issues.

With Blynk Hotel’s success pricing model, it’s easy to try out a similar service in your own hotel. A hotel can start with buying a few iPads and offering it on rent to their premium / suite customers and can scale up based on guest feedback. It’s a risk free model to try and the extra press release to be one of the first few hotels doing this, won’t hurt :)

– Sunny Goenka, Co-Founder.

Link: Starwood has launched iPhone and iPad apps for its hotels

Starwood commits 75% of its marketing budget to digital.

All service industries are realizing the growing importance of social and mobile mediums.

Link: iPad revolutionizes…another hotel!

Bel Air

The iPad has revolutionized the way guests order room service at the swanky Hotel Bel-Air in the Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles.

These days, 75% of people who order room service place their order via the iPad included in their room.

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