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Some highlights from an article from EyeForTravel.



On Mobile is the future

While Marriott is actively considering the bigger picture, it is also focusing in on how to improve customer service using digital technologies. Unsurprisingly mobile – which is growing rapidly – is playing a significant role.

On Promoting Your App On Key Cards

“From a marketing standpoint one thing that is very successful for us in our properties is the leveraging the key card holder for mobile downloads,” explains Abrahamson.  Either there are QR codes or text shown on the card so the customer can go directly to the app.

On Opportunites For Upselling

Abrahamson understands only too well that the hotel experience begins on the day you book your room, but it continues on the journey to the hotel, during your stay and when you are heading home. “There is a lot that happens in this period and like the airlines we looking at ways to, for example, expedite the check in process,” he says. Of course there are also opportunities for upselling of a spa treatment, room upgrade and so on.

On E-Menu Apps

Aside from the airline business, Marriott is looking for cues from the food industry.  It is looking at restaurant apps that allows you to pre-order, and then skip the queue when you pick up your food. The idea of pre-ordering room service is something that frequent business travellers could benefit from.

Blynk’s Thoughts

It is clear that hoteliers realize the power of mobile apps to connect to guests and drive revenues. Hoteliers have the option of developing these apps in-house at a high upfront expense and then significant recurring expenses to upgrade the app with new features and platforms. Or they can go with an out-of-the-box solution like ours. Get all the above features and more with your app, powered by Blynk.

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