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Blynk is proud to be one of the first few companies to partner with TourWrist, the leading platform for 360* Virtual Tours. Read their announcement here, which they made at ITB Berlin.

Hotels and Restaurants are best suited to get direct benefits from virtual tours as you can demonstrate your facility much better. Virtual tours enable your guests to have a realistic experience of your rooms and property. Virtual tours will engage your customers and have proven to directly increase revenues via an increase in bookings and reservations. Statistics show that virtual tours can increase bookings by over 40% than compared to showing only images to your guests.

Using TourWrists’ innovative technology, you can now show 360* Virtual Tours in your mobile apps, powered by Blynk.

We strongly feel that every hotel and restaurant should incorporate virtual tours in their websites and apps by following the below simple steps:

  1. Shoot virtual tours of your property if you don’t already have. Virtual tours cost approximately a minimum of only $1,000 to shoot. One virtual tour shot costs ~ $100 – 150. So you can plan a day shoot with a min of 8-10 shots.
  2. Upload to Many virtual tour photographers provide their own custom software to display this on your website. However, we suggest to make it clear that you would like your virtual tours to be uploaded on
  3. Show the world. TourWrist is like a YouTube for virtual tours. So your tours will be visible to the millions of people who visit their site and apps. You can also easily embed the virtual tours directly on your website. The virtual tour will also be visible on your apps, powered by Blynk.

The virtual tours on our apps are an experience for your guests. When they open the virtual tour on an Apple or Android device, they can simply move the device to view the virtual tour. Something which is not possible on your website. To see how that works, check out this video.

At Blynk, we are working hard so that guests can do things on your mobile app, which they cannot do on your website. Our partnership with TourWrist adds one more reason why it is a must to have a mobile app.

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