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A recent J.D. Power study finds:

  • 55% guests use the internet during their hotel stay.
  • 87% guests use Wi-Fi.
  • Charges for internet access can drag down satisfaction.
  • Guests that are charges for internet have a costs and fees satisfaction score of 688, 76 points lower than those that were not charged for internet separately.
  • Guests use social media both to complain about bad Internet access and praise hotel brands for fast Internet service.
  • Guests frequently complain about Internet fees charged by hotels.
  • Extra charge for Internet access is now perceived as being taken advantage of, especially since there are many places offering free Internet.

MobileAccess helps you ensure superior cellular and wi-fi access for your guests within your hotel building and premises.

A satisfactory access to cellular and wi-fi network in your hotel is a must. Do an audit of this and if you are not satisfied, contact this company.

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