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What is a Digital Signage?

What is a Digital Signage?

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What is a Digital Signage Player?


Since when I am into the digital signage industry, I have been asked this question a tons of time, a tons. And every time I answered this question, I found a new way to answer this question. and I had pud my best of efforts to tell “What is a Digital Signage Player?”.

What is a digital signage player?


We all must have heard about the VCR player, VCD Player, DVD Player, mp3 layer etc,. If someone asks you about these players you would answer about this in a blynk. That a VCR player is Video Cassette Recorder and similar explanation about all the things said above.


Similarly, if someone asks “what is a digital signage player?”, then I would say a digital signage player is a set of a hardware and software which will allow you to control the contents on any digital screen. To be very precise it is Digital Signage + Player.

A digital signage is an electronic display screen (CTR, LCD, LED) and the player (digital signage player) is an extra setup composed of the hardware part and software part. With which one can control the digital signage activity. One can even control the live screen with the digital signage player.


And now you may think that why this digital signage is that necessary? We can display anything we want on the digital signage by just plugging in an USB device since the digital screens now a days comes with the USB ports. And, I appreciate the way you think. You are smart, but, Sir not smarter than the Digital signage player. You can easily display whatever you want on the screen by plugging in an USB device. What if you need to change the content being displayed? What if you need to display an illustrative video immediately? And what if you need to broadcast your MD’s message on the screen immediately? You will only one solution for that. “THE DIGITAL SIGNAGE PLAYER”.


Yes a digital signage player comes with the software part which is usually will be the cloud based. With that cloud based digital signage player you can


  1. Push the content to infinite number of screens.
  2. Push the video content, infographic, text as well as RSS feed.
  3. Can broadcast the MDs’ important speech.
  4. Convey the HR news or any department news over infinite number of screens in a blynk.
  5. Customize the content at your ease.
  6. You can also alert  your employees with the weather conditions.


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